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Brian D. Williams Photo

Brian D. Williams

President & Founder

Brian Williams, founder of Northshire Consulting, provides investment advisory services to small business retirement plans and individuals. After 18 years as an advisor, Northshire was started to follow his passion to focus on the local small business market.

Brian’s specialty is being able to communicate and connect with people across the age and financial spectrum. He is as comfortable around retirees with a large pool of assets, as he is around first-time savers curious about their 401(k).

Brian, originally from Mayfield NY, now resides in Southington with his wife, Lauren, and son Luke. Lauren is a special education teacher at Cheshire High School. When Lauren and Brian are not working, they enjoy running, producing their own podcasts, and long walks with Luke. 

Brian takes his fiduciary responsibility to heart, and only works in that capacity. He is a Fee-Only Financial Advisor, meaning he is compensated solely by the client. Northshire never takes commission or any other compensation that is contingent on the purchase or sale of a financial product.