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Taking our Fiduciary Responsibilities to Heart

Retirement Plan Services

Plan success requires more than just a traditional suite of advisory services. We proactively and consistently address the challenges employers face in managing a retirement plan while striving to maximize employee success.

Participant Education
We step away from the traditional service model and go further. We survey the employee population and build education models around the financial literacy of the group as a whole. 
Fee Benchmarking
Using multiple benchmarking solutions, we provide employers comprehensive reporting to cut through the confusion and frustration of selecting and monitoring retirement plan providers. 
Employee Financial Wellness and Planning

Through a combination of group meetings, individual employee meetings, we help employee establish a financial baseline. In subsequent meeting we review with them one-on-one retirement projections, cash flow and debit analysis.
Investment Selection and Monitoring

The selection and monitoring of your retirement plan assets is a fiduciary process that requires a well-designed and well-documented process.  We design your investment policy statement and implement your investment menu.

Northshire works through each process objectively, with no affiliation to a broker-dealer, specific recordkeeper, third-party administrator,  or mutual fund family. We are in a position to work entirely free from conflicts.

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